As my colleague Wes McKinney likes to say (quoting Matthew Goodman): “Are you using IPython? If not, you’re doing it wrong!”

You shouldn’t have to wait for an exception to invoke the interactive debugger, and you definitely should be using the IPython debugger. One convenience function in the pandas (pandas.util.testing) code base is this:

def debug(f, *args, **kwargs):
    from pdb import Pdb as OldPdb
        from IPython.core.debugger import Pdb
        kw = dict(color_scheme='Linux')
    except ImportError:
        Pdb = OldPdb
        kw = {}
    pdb = Pdb(**kw)
    return pdb.runcall(f, *args, **kwargs)

You can invoke it on a function and arguments like so:

debug(test_function, arg1, arg2, named_arg1='hello')

You will get all the interactive IPython goodness as you step through your code. Funny enough, doesn’t seem like qtconsole version supports tab completion. Maybe will file a bug report…

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