I’m slowly molding the Vim environment.  After installing Exuberant Ctags with the D patch, I got the taglist plugin to work.  It took me awhile to realize that it needs a couple of lines of hackage to recognize the output of ctags for the D programming language.

The format of the language declaration in the taglist.vim plugin is:


So I added:

" d language
let s:tlist_def_d_settings = 'd;n:namespace;v:variable;d:macro;t:typedef;c:class;g:enum;s:struct;u:union;f:function'

In other words, I just copied the C++ line.

Anyway, now I can


and see the tags.

I’m on an adventure.

I’m searching for a comfortable development environment for Walter Bright’s D Programming Language.

I’m reading Andre Alexandresu’s book on D Programming. Get it! If for nothing else, because the book highlights certain drawbacks of the C++ language.  You won’t find many books that do so with such insight.

I’m on a Mactop.  I’m by no means an expert – my main development machine has always been a Windows box.  Although I’m fairly familiar with the unix environment.  So I thought I’d go with a “traditional” unix developer’s setup.

So far, I’ve installed MacPorts and Exuberant Ctags 5.8, MacVim, and the dmd2 compiler.

I’m about to apply the D patch for ctags found here.

I did get the D for XCode plugin to work: it looks pretty, and I imagine it’s good for mixing in development with Cocoa libraries and Objective-C & C++.  But it probably won’t be terribly useful for me right now – no “real” command completion, and no debugger support.  (Btw, there were two hiccups on install.  I had to change default access permissions on the plugin folder that was created, and remove a phantom symbolic link to libdruntime.a.)

I also tinkered a bit with Code::Blocks; I also installed Aquamacs, and CEDET, and that toolchain, but I’m not even sure there is a D solution for this environment, although that might be a fun weekend project.  So I’m going to move forward with MacVim first.  Something about the economy of Vim attracts me…

Funny, I’m doing everything right now but D programming.  But, I’m learning a whole lot about portable, open source hacker tools – which is half the fun.

Update: Looks like MacPorts doesn’t give you source code to play with.  So I downloaded the code, applied the patch, and recompiled.  Working – nice!

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