Per my brother‘s suggestion, I decided to move my blog to a top-level domain.  While I’m at it, I thought, I might as well figure out how to host my own WordPress install. That way I can have handy control over the plug-ins, so I can do awesome things like code coloring:

#include <iostream>

void main() {
  std::cout << "Hello syntax highlighting!\n";

I’m using Codecolorer. I also decided I need more control over my theme, so I switched to Suffusion, which is extremely configurable. One thing that puzzled me a bit was to stop flush-justifying all the text. The answer: in the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Editor (to get at the CSS), and find ‘justify’ and replace it with ‘left’.

Ok, so back to domain name.  I  purchased mine,, from Namecheap for, you guessed it, cheap.  I’m not sure it’s a blessing or curse to share my name with so many other Adam Klein’s, but in college I once got a birthday check from another guy’s grandmother.  I’m curious if I could have cashed it legally –

Then I got some reasonable hosting from DreamHost, which has a one-click install of WordPress.  I think I’m sharing a web server instance on IIS, because setting up my WordPress install at first led to some weird IIS errors.  But now obviously it’s ok. They have some helpful tutorials online.

Oh yeah, the final thing was to export my old blog content into an XML file which I then ftp’d to my blog site directory at DreamHost where I could then import it into the new WordPress instance.  Worked like a charm!

I just “figured out” (read: noticed) how to enable shortcut keys in GMail.

Inspired I see in part by Vim key bindings:

  • ‘j’ for down
  • ‘k’ for up
  • ‘o’ for open
  • ‘#’ for delete
  • ‘g i’ for go to inbox.
  • ‘l’ for label.

My efficiency just shot up 95%!

I went to Montreal over the weekend. I brought my iPad, natch.

But when I tried to watch Netflix or listen to Pandora, the apps told me I couldn’t access them from the country I was in.

Observation: Internet ≠ Internet Services

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