I like to think I know C well enough. I’ve read K&R cover to cover, and I’ve done my fair share of C hacking over the years. But I’ve learned that with C, you have to be prepared, always, and at all times, to eat humble pie. I feel compelled to share this whopper of a slice that came steaming hot from Van Der Linden – which I’ve now determined should be required reading for anyone even thinking about ever going near C.

#include "stdio.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    unsigned int x = 1;
    if(-1 < x)
    return 0;

Simple enough? WRONG. When a binary operation is invoked on two incompatible types (in this case, an unsigned int and an int), the “usual arithmetic conversions” apply.

Time to put on that language lawyer hat. According to the C99 rules:

If the operand that has unsigned integer type has rank greater than or equal to the rank of the type of the other operand, the operand with signed integer type is converted to the type of the operand with unsigned integer type.


The rank of any unsigned integer type is equal to the rank of the corresponding signed integer type, if any.

Which means, of course, that -1 is “promoted”, at least on the x86-64 platform. And you can be damn sure that 0xFFFFFFFF when considered 4,294,967,295 decimal, is greater than one. Now imagine that your unsigned int definition lives in some other translation unit, long, long ago and far, far away. No, -Wall will not save you.

Another psychopathic killer: automatic string concatenation. Take the following code:

#include "stdio.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    char *config[] = {
        "a man ",
        "a plan ",
        "a canal "
        "panama ",
    printf("%lu\n", sizeof(config)/sizeof(config[0]));
    printf("%s\n", config[2]);

    return 0;

Do you see the bug? I’ve misplaced the comma, which should come after “a canal ” instead of “panama “. Don’t let that final comma fool you: the C compiler just ignores it. However, the C compiler is just jonesing to remove that NUL terminating char ‘\0’ from ‘a canal \0’ and append ‘panama \0’, in which case you’ve just wound up with three, not four, config parameters; and with ‘a canal panama\0’ as your third config entry.

Happy bug hunting!

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